Google Maps for iOS Is Now Also Offered in Offline Mode

Google-Maps for iOSGoogle Maps for iOS is now also offered in offline mode, after the company started full including support for all offline navigation options in its dedicated iOS application, as stated in a press release this week. The upgrade also adds the possibility to see gas prices or when the businesses in certain areas are the most active.

Offline maps bring so many advantages, which range from preventing wandering expenses to quicker and more efficient functions. So it is exciting to find out that, lastly, the search engine’s maps system provides various offline options that users have been suggesting and waiting for years. The new service will deliver regular enhancements and additions to its maps, which are said to cover the majority of the countries until 2017.

Even if Google Maps already permitted people to see parts of maps without an online connection, the newest upgrade lets them search for particular locations, get guidelines and find useful details such business hours or contact info for dining places and other firms. While the application’s change log only refers to well-known places in different countries all over the planet and the current gas costs when looking for stations in North America, the actual emphasized function is its offline assistance.

These offline maps are already offered on other major, like Microsoft’s Windows with its HERE Maps application. Android users too will soon be allowed to download areas of the country on their phone, so when they find themselves in a place with no connection to the Internet, whether it is a remote highway or a subterranean vehicle parking location, Google Maps may work easily for them.

The option, which was initially taunted during the search engine’s I/O designer meeting that was held earlier this year and then released to Android operating systems in November, is also starting to be launched for iOS now. One of the company’s representatives told the mass media that it may take several weeks before this feature is offered to all clients, so they may not receive the upgrade right away.

In order to use the recent offline capabilities, people have to search their preferred city, region or country in the application and choose to save offline maps from its location selection. Once stored, users can search for precise guidelines within that area and read other details about specific companies and places. In addition, this week’s upgrade included assistance for popular hours, its function to avoid crowded areas and the possibility to check for gas prices in the United States and Canada.

 Image source: Playtech