Google Image Search Arrives With Improved Client Features

google image searchGoogle Image Search arrives with improved client features and all the popular image sharing websites have a new competitor, since Google’s mobile app now allows customers to rate and save pictures and arrange them into selections, in order to have easy access to these photos at a later moment.

Instead of just saving a certain page or taking various screen shots of the picture, this new function that the search engine giant is bringing into the online game will help customers a fast access to their stored pictures without needing to execute another picture search once more. What is nice about this included function is the fact that it lets customers to arrange the rated pictures into groups.

Users have to select the pen shaped symbol to add a picture within a directory and the set of additional editing and posting options will help a lot all users who want to improve the quality and appearance of their images. Numerous online tutorials will guide them through these phases of image enhancement.

People can create a category of image based on various criteria, such as clothes for this season or winter gifts and the picture will be included to a directory along with similar images, according to Google’s representatives in a short article. The new option is currently offered only to people in North America and it works on all important web browsers for the Android and iOS operating systems.

Customers have to sign into their own Google account in order to use this function at its maximum potential. Its new picture bookmarking and submitting app represents the search engine’s turn get ahead Pinterest, the top platform that provides an identical support. This move is also perceived as Google’s way to attract more customers to join the Google+ Collections program.

However, it must be noted that right now, Google’s Image Search function is not linked to its Google+ Collections. But, it is plausible that quite soon both these systems could be merged into one bigger app for better integration of the user base. Back in November, the search engines provided Google+ an overall renovation, concentrating its interest on the Communities and Collections segment to make users’ life easier, while transforming the features into mobile-friendly apps.

Google+ Collections is a function that was first presented during last summer and that appears to represent one of the main attention points of the organization. With this options, customers can easily share material on cards and, beside this, people can discover a wide range of forums where they can post their material.

Image source: Googleusercontent