Google Glasses Are Back from the Dead with the First Update in Three Years

Google Glasses

Google brings the first update for the Google Glasses in three years

The controversial Google Glasses might have faced much criticism over the years, but the owners are not planning to give them up. Therefore, the infamous smart glasses will receive the first update in three years, showing that they aren’t nearly as dead as people thought them to be.

The update fixes bugs and makes the glasses more user-friendly

This would be the first attempt of the company to bring improvements to Google Glasses since September 2014. More precisely, it will release a new version, called XE23, which allows the glasses to support Bluetooth. Now, users will be able to connect to all sorts of wireless devices, such as mice, keyboards, and many others.

This also brings updates to the controlling app, called MyGlass. After neglecting the platform for so many years, Google has finally dealt with all those bugs and fixed everything. You need a smartphone running at least Android 5.0, and you can get notifications to appear both on your phone and on the device.

Also, even when your phone is asleep, you can still use the Google Glasses. Previously, it entered in a Doze mode, which allowed you to save some battery, but now you can opt not to do so. In certain aspects, the device resembles Android Wear.

Why did Google revive the Google Glasses?

Google decided to take a big step with the resurrection of the Google Glasses. When they first launched the device, they marked one of the biggest moments in tech history. So, being able to wear an advanced computer is something big, so bringing it back requires a lot of work. The device disappeared from the market, and its website has remained untouched since 2015.

Therefore, we assume that Google might be preparing the Google Glasses version 2.0. We cannot tell why they decided to bring the device back, so all we have to do is wait and see how they will tackle a new version.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons