Google Glass 2.0 Will Be Based on a Monocle Design

Google Glass 2.0According to recently released images, Google Glass 2.0 will be based on a monocle design, so gossips and rumors began to come to light when a patent paper headed to the US authorities offered the first look on how the next edition of Google Glass’ VR device would look like. The anticipated return of Google’s innovative device no longer represents hidden information, thanks partially to rumors and leak images that usually appear prior to the launch of famous gadgets.

The most recent product to enter into the gossip mill is the Google Glass, which allegedly will be back in the shape of classic monocles. According to the sources in tech media, the released image presented the gadget placed on one edge for better viewing. The certification that is attached to the device talks about a wearable with output and input components, so people can expect an increased level of interaction by using it.

This approach certainly explains a system that could be modified based on the customer’s head characteristics and then remember the configurations for further use. The VR gadget can also provide a heads-up experience, which can then be applied for playing videos in one eye and to be seen in another eye through a prism.

The search engine released the first edition of its Google Glass a couple of years ago, but the initial model of the product was regarded as a failure by many people, despite large marketing campaigns and approval strategies conducted before its launch.

The company ceased promoting its original Google Glass at the beginning of this year. The organization stated that the project needs a certain period to stop and totally reset its approach towards the upcoming generation of devices. At approximately the same moment, the search giant exposed its intention of releasing the top device some time during 2015, but sadly, the plan did not become reality until now.

Top tech professionals who created the Nest smart gadgets or the iPod are now developing the Google Glass venture. The project is currently called Project Aura, as various sources have mentioned over these months. There are gossips saying that Google Glass now focuses on a business launch, even the company did not release an official statement about it.

The newest rumors around the Google Glass 2.0 mainly rely on sometimes contradicting sources, so these leaked photos could take the users into a totally different direction from that on which the search engine is developing right now.

Image source: Techradar