Google Assistant Is Coming to Smartwatches, Cars, And TVs

Google Assistant

The company mentioned that Google Assistant is going to be available for Android TVs in a short period of time.

Digital assistants are not just a plan for the future; they are real. Most of the best tech companies already designed their digital assistant using artificial intelligence. These digital assistants are going to become the best help for their user.

Some of the companies that own an assistant are Apple, Amazon and now Google. The search engine, Google, has been developing a lot in the last few years and now they want to launch Google Assistant for Cars, Smartwatches, and TV.

The company mentioned that Google Assistant is going to be available for Android TVs in a short period of time. Now they have decided that they want to expand their assistant even more and that is why they are using it for cars and smartwatches too.

Google Assistant is available now on Google Home, Allo smart messaging app, and on Pixel smartphones.  Google Assistant is expanding really quickly, trying to get the attention of its users. Despite the fact that it is not the only smart assistant, it might win a part of the market because it is available for more devices that the other digital assistants.

While other companies are partnering with different cars companies in order to get their assistant available for their products, Google already gained permission to use Google Assistant on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Amazon’s Alexa is going to be available on Ford vehicles and Microsoft’s Cortana is going to be available on Volvo Cars. All of these companies are great car producers but Mercedes-Benz is still one of the best and most expensive on the market.

The connection between Google Assistant and Mercedes might be a great step for Google to enter the digital assistant market. Google also announced that they want to make their assistant available for smartwatches too. One of the devices that might work with Google Assistant is Android Wear 2.0.

All of these changes are great moves for Google and they might help the company grow and develop better devices. Many experts agree that Google Assistant need to make more changes if it wants to become the best on the market.

What is your opinion about the fact that Google is trying to make its assistant available for more devices?

Image source: Flickr