Google Adds Safe Browsing for Android Devices

"google Safe Browsing"

Android-based Safe Browsing could protect hundreds of mobile devices.

In response to all security issues that Android has been facing lately, Google adds safe browsing for Android devices. The safety features will be available only on Chrome, so users will have to switch to another Internet browser.

Android devices are incredibly popular because most services and apps are free. There is, however, a downside to all these advantages as services are rarely verified especially if they come from third party app developers. This has rendered smartphone devices vulnerable to viruses and cyber-attacks.

Google has decided to change all this and to give smartphone users additional reasons to switch to Android, instead of other operating systems. Price is no longer an issue with many devices getting gradually cheaper, so improving the system seemed like the next step the company had to make.

Based on their official declaration, navigating the Internet with Android-based devices is now safer as long as you use Chrome. All users have to do is access Chrome’s Settings, enter the Privacy Menu and check whether the safe Browsing option has been turned on. Users will, thus, be warned when they are visiting a dangerous website or conducting harmful activities on the Internet.

According to the team of developers that have taken part in this project, ensuring protection for smartphone and mobile devices is one of the most difficult tasks at present. This is usually possible with desktops because it is generally easier to verify URLs, but a special technology had to be operated for mobile devices.

In addition, developers had to think of many other problems that smartphone users usually face. After various analyses, they have come to the conclusion that network bandwidth and battery are the two resources that usually cause problems to mobile Internet users.

Consequently, Chrome’s new Safe Browsing tools have been designed to respond to these two needs. Geographical regions were taken into consideration, too, because some places are more dangerous than others from the point of view of cyber-attacks.

Google has further stated that all these measures have helped maintain the same network bandwidth, while saving memory and processor capacity. Safe Browsing could protect hundreds of millions of Android users, according to the company’s estimates.

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