Good News About Depression

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The good news is that depression can be overcome completely

Depression isn’t what it used to be. Now, people with depression have hopes for a full and happy life. The good news is that depression can be overcome almost completely, through the use of trained help and drug therapy. Even though deep depressions will not feel pleasant in any way, these mental states can be overcome.

Increasingly, the mental health community focuses on recovery, rather than suffering. Healing is possible even for cases of massive depression. A new study conducted by the University of Toronto concluded that almost 40% of people who previously suffered from depression reported they feeling satisfaction or happiness throughout the day.

The findings provide a hopeful message for clinicians and clients. It is within the power of many people who have previously suffered from depression to achieve full mental recovery and live healthy lives.

 Two out of five persons with depression have been free of symptoms completely, for the precedent year. Depression signs include suicidal thoughts, anxiety, or substance abuse. Many of these people have obtained psychological and social well-being, in spite of their condition.

Future relapses, however, cannot be predicted. But a year without any symptoms looks very promising and means a lot for patients suffering from depression. For someone with depression, a whole year without it, gives them hope and energy to recover, even if it looks like a distant promise.

Recently, there was a paradigm change in depression, with focus shifting from just surviving this disease, to recovery. Experts agree that drugs and therapy play a role, but stress the major part played by strong relationships.

People who had at least one meaningful relationship were four times as likely to get better.  Our intuition tells us it’s not a good idea to be isolated, but we’re very social beings and the more strong ties we have, the healthier our mind is. Scientists had no idea how toxic isolation was, until now.

Being together when your friend with depression needs you most, can mean a lot to that friend. And it can make a huge difference in their improvement. Investing a few more hours a day in friendships, instead of work, can lead to quicker recovery.

What surprised researchers was that the lengthy periods of depression did not necessarily mean less of a chance at recovery. Some of the people in the study recovered despite long years of depression , and this is good news. Want to read more on mental illness ? Here are a few fun facts!

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