Gmail Now Lets You Stream Video Attachments Directly on Desktop


Now you can stream video attachments directly in the Gmail app

This week, Google comes with a handful of new updates for their popular email service, Gmail. The updates are pretty useful and are meant to improve the user experience. You might have already heard about the features that allows users to send and receive money via Gmail. However, the one that impressed us the most was the possibility to stream video attachments on the web.

All Gmail users know how hard it is to watch a video attachment you have just received directly on the desktop. The process is more complicated than that. You have to download the video first, and then use a media player to watch it. Google knows that users were not particularly happy about this, so they planned to change it.

Watch a video without downloading it

This might seem like a minor update, but it might save you a lot of time. Now, you no longer have to download the video attachment and find the suitable player to open it with on your computer. The email containing a video will now show you a thumbnail instead of an attachment.

If you click on it, Gmail will open a video player resembling YouTube which is embedded directly into the email service. Thus, you can stream the video directly into the email, without having to spend so much time waiting for it to finish downloading and opening with a different program.

The design is friendly

The video player that opens when you click a video appears like an overlay over your emails and it allows you to browse them, while still watching the video. You can also adjust the sound and quality of the video attachment, but it streams automatically with the default quality and sound options.

Google released an official blog post on the new update. They assured the users that this new feature is powered by the same infrastructure which controls the other Google services, such as Google Drive, YouTube, or other video streaming apps.

Google have already started rolling out this new video feature to Gmail users, but the process might take around 15 days. Soon, you will be able to watch video attachments directly in your email app, with no further delays. However, the attachment capability remains limited to 25 MB, so you might have to choose videos with a lower resolution.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons