Global Climate Reports Come With Happy And Gloomy News

global climate report and map

The latest global climate reports have carried both happy and gloomy news.

The latest global climate reports have carried both happy news, as the CO2 emission levels have remained stable, and gloomy news as 2016 will reportedly be the hottest registered year.

The good news brought by recent reports are that global carbon dioxide (CO2) emission levels are still leveled. They have been noticed to have remained at a stable, constant level for the third year in a row now.

The exact reason for the stagnant levels is not really known as human-related activities are still producing just as much, if not more, carbon dioxide.

Amongst the factors which are believed to have contributed to the stable levels, one could possibly number both artificial and human-related factors.

One such human-related element is the global coal reduction, which began in 2012 and is still on a downwards trend as reported by global climate analyses.

As alternative, green, regenerable energy sources such as solar and wind power technologies have marked an increased usage, the coal necessities of the planet seem to be reducing.

Two of the biggest coal producers and exporters, the United States and China have marked a decrease in the production and demand of the polluting fuel.

Another reason for the constant CO2 emission levels is a natural factor and came as a surprising find. Scientists have recently discovered that plants have adapted their photosynthesis levels and are now consuming more and releasing less CO2.

Global forces have or are already trying to unite and protect our planet towards a polluting fuel productions and carbon dioxide emission reduction and natural ecosystem protection.

Unfortunately, recent global weather reports have also come with less pleasant news as analysis suggest that 2016 will be the hottest registered year.

The new year record was also coupled with the fact that global temperatures are rising, as the average temperatures are believed to have risen by 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

On Monday, the United Nations weather agency released a report which showed that global temperature levels are on the rise both this year and in general.

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WWO) head, Petteri Taalas, 2016 will probably mark a new average temperature record after just last year, 2015, broke the previous record.

The WWO preliminary global climate reports, which reach up to October, show that the medium world temperature has risen.

The 2.2 degree Fahrenheit increase was compared to the global temperatures registered during humanity’s pre-industrialization levels.

If the rising trend continues and the final reports confirm the actual numbers, new measures will have to be taken as the self-imposed limit is dangerously close.

Last year, the Paris global climate agreement imposed a limitation of the temperature rise which was set for 1.5 – 2 degrees Celsius.

WWO reports show that 16 of the registered 17 hottest years have all been recorded over this century. The only exception is 1998, which saw the repeat of a natural phenomenon which occurred this year as well.

With both man and nature seemingly working towards a carbon dioxide reduction, it remains to be seen if the current and future measures will stabilize CO2 emissions.

Image Source: Wikimedia