Searching To Expand Its Area, Razor Acquires George Lucas’ THX


In a move that will help in their entertainment industry expansion, Razor has bought Lucas’ THX.

As they are planning to expand their expertise area, video game company Razer has acquired George Lucas’ THX, the audio company founded by the man behind Star Wars.

Razer, which was founded in 2015, is best known for its high-quality products that target and offer everything a gamer, from the beginner to the hardcore player, could need or wish for.

The company is specialized on hardware gaming systems, from consoles to headset and everything in between.

THX, although it has since passed through a number of other owners, was founded in 1983 by George Lucas. The company was and still is known for its high-end products in the audio-video domain and its environmental designs.

THX is also responsible for handing out certifications to the products that reach the highest audio-video standards required by the industry.

Min-Liang Tan the co-founder, and Razer CEO, recently revealed in a Business Insider interview that his company bought the THX audio company.

Tan, who did not offer too many details in regards to the sale, did nonetheless state that the two companies will continue to work and function as separate entities. The THX staff and board will also not be changed, and the only difference will be that the company will have a new ownership.

Although there are no future plans of blending or rebranding Razer and THX, Tan doesn’t exclude the idea of the two companies collaborating on future projects, especially as Razer is seeking to expand its area and expertise.

With an already established and famous name in the video game sector, the company is planning on entering into other areas of the entertainment industry.

THX’s acquisition could mark an important step towards their plan of conquering a wider part of the entertainment world. Its expertise in the high-end audio and video areas could prove to be a major advantage in Razor’s plans of virtual reality (VR) expansion.

As THX is already involved in the development of speakers, home theater sets, concert equipment, amongst others, and dabbles even in the gaming area, Audio Research and Development Senior vice president, Laurie Fincham, considers that the sale will benefit both companies.

Even before being acquired by Razor, THX had been steadily growing as their certification area expanded to include concerts and live entertainment.

With Razor’s high-quality design and tendency for innovations, the merger of the two companies is bound to produce new and interesting ideas as the two are already planning on offering the best audiovisuals to their worldwide audiences.

Image Source: Wikimedia