Gearbox Shows Tech Demo that May Contain Borderlands 3 Technology

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Gearbox Software revealed a tech demo that might contain technology they would use in the new Borderlands game

Gearbox Software, the developer of the famous Borderlands game, presented a new tech demo at the Game Developers Conference. This demo offers some insight on new techniques that might be used in a future Borderlands 3.

Randy Pitchford, the founder and CEO of Gearbox Software, insisted on stressing that what they were showing was a tech demo and not a video game. They also revealed some techniques that they had previously used on the first Borderlands games and how they provided the distinct design.

Pitchford also revealed that they wanted to continue somewhere along the lines they had used before. Thus, they wanted to take this distinct Borderlands look and refine it, to make it more suitable for the future. The new, next generation look should be more natural, with many improvements.

He also said that Gearbox artists had now more tools that offered them more flexibility. For instance, one of them can accurately simulate how time passes, such as it can switch from daytime to nighttime. Also, if the player is exploring a different planet, he will encounter different physical properties. Thus, they might find changes in physics and different elements from those found on Pandora.

Pitchford did not confirm that what they revealed at the conference would be part of Borderlands 3. However, they presented an improvement of techniques used in the past games, so we might assume that they would be implemented in a future game of the franchise.

At certain points in the demo, we could see a character that resembled those in Borderlands. At first, she had her back turned to the audience, and then the shoulder pad was blocking the view to her face. Pitchford admitted that they had intentionally obscured her face, so she might have been an already known character that would make a comeback.

What the tech demo displayed at the conference was not part of a specific game, but rather a technology researched performed by Gearbox. Pitchford said that all the technologies presented or only a part of them might be used in the development of future video games.

He also stated that they were looking for potential developers and all interested fans should contact them. Last year, Gearbox revealed that a new Borderlands game was in the making, although it might not necessarily be called Borderlands 3.
Image Source: Flickr