Gboard, The New Keyboard from Google

"Gboard, The New Keyboard from Google"

The keyboard will work on all apps, so Google will maintain its dominance.

All you iPhone and iPad users, say hello to Gboard, the new keyboard from Google.  It’s actually an app that comes with great improvements. Besides the letters, numbers, symbols and others, it features an innovative G logo button. This logo connects to Google’s search engine in a less time-consuming way. And living in the constantly busy society of today, the new feature will attract its fair share of customers.

The new development means that you no longer have to leave the app you are in to search for something. You only have to tap the G button, search for what you want, and the information appears on the bottom of the screen.

By bringing this search option right on the keyboard, Google is making sure it’s always the default search engine even on iOS products. Google is constantly under the knife, as its place as the default Apple search engine is constantly under the threat. The keyboard will work on all apps, so Google will maintain its dominance by sneaking its way to both known and unknown territory. The data collected by Google will not only improve their user experience but also cause a loss of privacy for the users. But for those willing to risk this, this new app is a real treat.

But returning to the goodies in store, here’s what the Gboard can do for you:

  • The built-in G search button. With it, you can chat and send info without having to exit the social networking apps.
  • You can pick emojis on the iOS keyboard and then return to the standard one.
  • Google’s glide feature. It is better than others and so easy to use. It allows you to glide or swipe a finger across the screen to spell out a word.
  • Gboard gives you the possibility to search for the desired GIF without having to switch keyboards. And you don’t need to bounce between apps.
  • Under Settings, you will find various options to customize your app. For example, you can enable or disable the following: location, contact search emojis and more.

Apple users can download the Gboard, the new keyboard from Google, free of charge on App Store.