Latest Game of Thrones Episode, Full of References

Game of Thrones houses symbols

The seventh season of the worldwide phenomenon that is Game of Thrones united almost all the characters the fans love, for the first time. However, any fan should know that in order to come together, each individual character had to go through their own adventures. They had their losses and their joys. Now, the puzzle seems to finally complete and almost all the pieces are in their right places. The latest episode, called The Spoils of War, was one of those episodes where the references to the old days of the show were everywhere. From the late Ned Stark to the time when Cersei had long, golden locks.

References and clues to the old days

Newly-returned Bran Stark is one of the characters who changed a lot during the events of the series. And Sunday’s episode referenced something that happened way back in Season 3. When Littlefinger tries to manipulate the now Three-Eyed Raven, he quickly mutters something Littlefinger said during one of his conversations with Varys. “Chaos is a ladder” said Bran, and Littlefinger immediately knew who he is dealing with now. This also raises many questions, especially regarding the knowledge power of the Stark kid. He now knows parts of private conversations. What else could he know?

Another interesting moment was when Daenerys Targaryen was talking with Jon Snow in the cave where they found the Dragonglass. Dany tells him that she will fight for the North, but only if he bends the knee. Jon is aware of the fact that the Northern people will not happily accept her as their queen, and he tells her this too. But the Mother of Dragons responds the same way Jon responded to Mance Rayder back in Season 5. That situation was similar, as Rayder was refusing to bend the knee before Stannis Baratheon.

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