Hackers Returned with Another Game of Thrones Leak and a Ransom Demand

The Iron Throne

The Game of Thrones leaks are not over, and hackers are now asking for a ransom

The Game of Thrones leak was all over the internet last week, but the crisis has not been averted yet. Those hackers which caused the huge HBO data breach have returned, and this time they are asking for a ransom.

Hackers ask for a ransom or they publish the leaked GoT files

This Monday, they managed to get their hands on an internal email list, and many other documents related to the TV series. Among the documents, there is a summary of the next Game of Thrones episode, which should be aired this Sunday. Therefore, the fear of spoilers lies ahead.

These hackers have released a video letter where they ask HBO to give them money, unless it wants everything to be made public. However, they didn’t ask for a particular figure yet. They said HBO was the 17th on their list of targets and, so far, only three of the other victims of attacks failed to pay the ransom.

This issue is extremely delicate, as this session of leaks contains important information. More precisely, the batch contains admin passwords for the broadcaster’s internal network, five Game of Thrones episode drafts, and a series of emails of Leslie Cohen, the president of film programming. Last but not least, the hackers also managed to leak the phone numbers of a few actors from the series.

The situation might turn highly unpleasant for HBO

This information should remain confidential, so the broadcaster should start worrying and paying more attention to their security. The situation is beginning to resemble the hack which involved Sony Pictures in 2014, which turned out quite uncomfortable for the studio. Netflix was also victim of a hack with the same purpose – extortion.

HBO admitted that quite a large amount of its data was stolen, including the leak of episodes from several TV series. Then, the fourth episode from the latest Game of Thrones season ended up online ahead of its official release date. However, this is thought not to be related with the latest leak incident.
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