Game of Thrones Heroin Is Killing Users 50 Times Faster

game of thrones heroin

In Game of Thrones there is a saying, “All men must die.”

Game of Thrones heroin bags were discovered in Vermont and New Hampshire. Police officers are warning people to steer clear of the new brand as it is 50 times more potent than normal heroine, raising the chances of death by overdose.

The first victim of the latest narcotic trend was a 32 years old male that was revived by New Hampshire officers on Friday night.

According to Richard Mello, the Lebanon Police Chief, the officers that were present at the scene recovered a number of packets that contained Game of Thrones heroin. Mello added that the officers “were able to make arrests in connection with the drug.”

Lebanon police made a statement saying that the new brand is 50 times more potent than the regular heroin being sold on the street, leading them to believe that the brand may contain a mixture or heroin and fentanyl or just fentanyl.

Ten cases of overdose caused by Game of Thrones heroin were registered in Vermont alone. According to the local authorities, the dealer was Brock Richardson. They managed to track the man down with the help of one of his customers Caleb Dumont-Wiley.

“If you continue to use street drugs, or know someone who does, we urge you to be aware of the current danger out there,” the chief of police declared.

Richardson, the supposed dealer, is facing two counts of possession, intent to distribute, and sale of heroin. His bail is held on $20,000. His customer’s bond was set on $5,000.

Further testing will establish if the drug found in Lebanon is the same one as the one responsible for the ten lives lost in Vermont.

All evidence points to the fact that the narcotic was mixed with fentanyl, the new killer on the streets. The painkiller has been leaving traces of bodies in the last month, being responsible, among others, for the death of Prince.

It seems that when a new powerful drug hits the market, addicts seek it out being convinced that it offers a bigger thrill than average, less potent narcotics.

There is still no explanation for why the drug was named after George RR Martin’s fantasy series that was adapted into a highly successful HBO TV show. One argument may be the dragons and general “hard-core” tone of the fictional world.

Or maybe the dealers took “Valar morghulis” a little too serious.

Image source: Flickr