Game Developer’s Choice Awards 2015 Nominees Are In


If you still haven’t played Bloodborne, you must keep in mind one fact. You will die a lot in this game, but you will feel amazing after you beat a really hard boss.

If you ever wondered what would game creators would pick as the best games to be released in 2015, the Game Developer’s Choice Awards 2015 nominees are in, without any major surprises. This is partly due to the fact that most game developers are actual gamers themselves with preferences similar to the majority of the gaming demographic.

For Best Visual Art, the nominees were more or less what you would expect. Star Wars Battlefront got nominated for this section, as well as Best Audio and Tech, which is not entirely surprising if one would consider how those three are basically the best parts of the game, with a lackluster multiplayer, no singleplayer and run-of-the-mill gameplay. Witcher 3 was also nominated, even if it underwent a rather massive graphics downgrade on its PC port. Ori and the Blind Forest joined in as well, with its superb graphical aesthetic, as well as being nominated for Best Audio too.

The Witcher 3 is also a pretty strong contender for Best Game of the year, alongside Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V and Bloodborne. A surprising nominee is Rocket League, the car football simulator released on PS4. This nomination is extremely beneficial to its indie game developer Psyonix, who entered the gaming market last year with one of the best sports games to date, completely overthrowing traditional games like Fifa and Madden.

Something that might astonish people is the fact that Undertale was not nominated for Best Game of the Year, even if multiple game critics and gaming sites gave it flying colors due to its features. Unfortunately, one cannot explain why this game is one of the best game of the year contenders without spoiling it. Basically, it is a 2D RPG with interesting elements in the vein of the Mother or Earthbound series of RPGs. Still, the game got a nomination for the Innovation award, and developer Toby Fox is more than likely very filled with determination regarding Undertale’s chances of winning this with flying colors.

Bloodborne, the PS4 exclusive From Software game got nominated for Best Visual Art and Best Design. This Dark Souls–like game has one of the most engrossing visual aesthetics to date, blending a steampunk-ish Victorian London-like setting with a great deal of Lovecraftian mythos, with Elder Gods and creatures similar to Cthulhu and Shoggoth that might keep you awake at night for days on end.

In comparison to The Game Awards, the GDCA is much more appreciated by the general public, because its categories actually make sense, if one would simply look at the TGA award for “Games for change” that doesn’t really say anything. But still, as most gaming award shows out there, the GDCA still misses one important factor. The general public does not know how these games were picked and why they were picked in the first place. If the board that chooses the nominees actually gives a reason why, for instance, Fallout 4 is nominated for Best Design even if it basically remains in the post-nuclear war environment of previous Fallout installments, the GDCA will gain even more credibility, as well as a larger viewer base.

But now that the Game Developer’s Choice Awards 2015 nominees are in, gamers will just have to wait until March in order to see which game will take the crown as the best game of 2015. In 2014, Shadow of Mordor took the 1st place, most likely due to the addition of the truly interesting Nemesis System.



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