More Fruits and Vegetables Reduce Disease Risks

Fruits and vegetables

A new study suggests that people should consume ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day

A new study from Imperial College London suggests that people should consume ten servings of fruits and vegetables to preserve their health. People knew that the optimal number of fruit and vegetable serving was five, but this new study advises you to double it.

The scientists looked at 95 studies on intake of fruits and vegetables from people all around the world. They had a sample of about 2 million people and looked at around 43,000 cases of heart disease, 47,000 of stroke, 81,000 of cardiovascular disease, 112,000 of cancer, and, in the end, 94,000 deaths.

Their results indicate that about 7.8 million deaths can be prevented by an everyday consumption of ten servings of fruits and vegetables, where one portion represents 800 grams. This represents quite a big increase from the 26-year-old campaign “5 a Day” that tried to motivate children to consume their daily fruits and veggies.

They discovered that ten portions instead of five can reduce the heart disease risk by 24 percent, the cardiovascular disease risk by 28 percent, and the cancer risk by 13 percent. Also, those who regularly consume fresh foods in big quantities reduce their risk of dying young by 31 percent.

Dr. Dagfinn Aune, one of the authors of the study, explained by these foods are good for the health. Fruits and vegetables are known to reduce the levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, provide a better functioning of our immune system, and improve the health of our blood vessels. They contain many nutrients that boost the health. For example, the high amount of antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables reduces DNA damage, and this leads to a significant reduction in cancer risk.

Also, certain foods are better than others and people are advised to consume these in higher quantities. They include apples, citrus fruits, pears, and from the vegetables, the leafy ones and the cruciferous ones, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.

If you are not a fruit and vegetable enthusiast, you may choose taking supplements, but they do not yield the same results as consuming fresh food. It is the whole pack of nutrients from the fruits and vegetables that counts.

Ten servings a day might turn out as a challenge even for the green enthusiasts, but every small quantity of these foods counts and can make a difference in your health.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons