Frito-Lay Issue Recall on Jalapeño Chips for Risk of Salmonella

Bag of jalapeño chips

Frito-Lay recalled several types of jalapeño-flavored chips due to Salmonella risk

The company Frito-Lay announced the recall of several of their products due to the risk of Salmonella infection. The recalled products include several varieties of Miss Vickie’s and Lay’s chips. The company suspected that the seasoning from the potato chips might contain Salmonella, so they decided to take them off the market to avoid contamination.

The suppliers recalled the seasoning for Salmonella

The Food and Drug Administration announced that Frito-Lay decided to recall the products after the company which provided them with seasoning supplies issued, on their turn, a recall on one of their blends. This contained jalapeño powder which was suspect of Salmonella infection.

After a close investigation, Frito-Lay discovered no trace of Salmonella in the seasoning on their chips, but they decided to avoid any risk and recall the products with jalapeño flavor. Since Friday, when they first issued the recall, there have been recorded no Salmonella cases related to chips consumption.

All who develop symptoms of the disease and have consumed products from Lay’s or Miss Vickie’s are advised to go seek medical care immediately. Some people might get tricked by the symptoms, so they should receive a diagnose from a specialist to be sure of its accuracy.

Avoid consuming Lay’s or Miss Vickie’s potato chips with jalapeño

If a person gets infected with Salmonella, they might experience diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or nausea. It might happen that the infection should get into the blood and cause complications, but such cases are rare. The disease is usually more severe in children, elderly people, or those with a weak immune system.

All recalled products are jalapeño flavored. They include all sizes of Lay’s and Miss Vickie’s Kettle Cooked chips with the expiration date July 4th. Also, the Multipacks of 12, 20, 30, and 32 chips bags are included. These have the date June 20th printed on the multipacks, while the date on the individual bags is July 4th. Note that, from the Multipacks, only the jalapeño flavor is subject of the recall.

Thus, if you have bought one of these products, you should not consume them. If you have already eaten the chips, you are advised to go and have a check-up, to make sure you did not contract Salmonella. At the moment, Frito-Lay is taking all the necessary measures to remove the products from stores and prevent customers from buying them.
Image Source: Flickr