Ford Issued Four Recalls for 320,000 Cars

"Ford GT 2016"

While fans are waiting for the 2016 GT model, the auto maker is dealing with new recalls.

Based on their recent reports, Ford issued four recalls for 320,000 cars. The biggest recall is for the 2001-2005 Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Marquis models as a result of their headlight failure.

The American auto maker has received a series of complaints related to a headlight malfunction at the Crown Victoria and Mercury Marquis models. The ensuing investigation has revealed that the cars, which were produced between 2001 and 2005 presented an assembly flaw causing the lights to go off while on the road.

Ford has concluded, based on the results of the investigation that the best solution would be to recall the respective vehicles. The company has further discovered that 15 vehicles were involved in various street incidents because the drivers did not notice objects on the road. One person suffered an arm injury after crashing the car into an object on the road. All drivers have stated that the incidents were caused by dimming headlights.

The majority of the cars involved in this first recall will come from the United States, whereas the others are registered in Canada and Mexico. Ford has further added that there will be three other recalls for three different models.

The F-150 SuperCrew truck will also undergo revisions in the following period because many drivers have had problems with their seat belt retractor and pretensioner. Although the latter do not function properly, the company has found no seat belt-related incidents to have taken place since the model was launched in 2015.

Several Ford Transit vans will have to have their rear axle shaft replaced because the component does not function properly. Investigators have stated that the car can either stop in the middle of the road or start to roll while parked if the parking brake is not applied. The F-650 and F-750 vehicles will be revised, too because their break chambers could be broken.

Several drivers experienced this problem and Ford concluded the assembly of the cars was not done properly. Fortunately, no major incidents were reported, even if flaws at the breaking system can be fatal. This explains the company’s decision to recall all the aforementioned vehicles as soon as the complaints were registered.

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