Few pediatricians talk about firearm safety

Pediatricians should talk more about firearm safety

Children are in danger and pediatricians do not talk about firearm safety.

There is no surprise that, in the United States, many children live in houses with guns. However, few pediatricians are talking about firearm safety with parents. The gun violence should be treated as a public health concern. You can never know what happens when your child finds, by mistake, the gun.

Researchers used data from 1200 parents who visited the pediatrician’s office. They were asked to answer some questions about owning guns, how often their children were exposed to firearms and how they would react if the doctor will want to talk to them about this problem.The results showed that a third of children live in houses with guns. Moreover, 77 percent said that their pediatricians have not talked to them about firearm safety. However,  parents what to talk about this issue and how can they improve gun safety for their kids.

Jane Garbutt, the author of the study, said that many children die every year due to injuries made because of their curiosity. Most parents do not think that their child is in danger because they put the guns in places only they know. The problem is that children are looking everywhere for  new toys or places to play, and sometimes they discover the gun. When they are too little, they do not understand the danger and see firearms as toys.

Many parents think the most important source of information, is their pediatricians. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends doctors to speak with parents about guns and convince them to remove the firearms from the house. They could do that at least until the child is old enough to understand that guns are not toys.

Another issue would be that most parents keep their stored guns loaded. This makes them more dangerous for the children. According to the study, one in five people is keeping their guns and bullets in the same place. If your child has seen an action movie, he will know how to use it. There are many chances kids can hurt while playing with firearms.

Parents could do not want to remove the guns from the houses, should at least keep them locked. It can happen to anyone and there were a lot of kids who needed surgery because they shot by mistake. Pediatricians should give more information about firearm safety, as parents do not seem to have a problem talking about this issue.

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