Fallout 4 Will Overhaul Survival Mode

Fallout 4 Will Overhaul Survival Mode

It’s official, Fallout 4 will overhaul Survival Mode in the upcoming DLC to keep the experience fresh and exciting for players. So far, Bethesda has shown itself more than capable of keeping our attention. The gaming community is still turning to Skyrim for a fun game, even though the title was released years ago.

The charm of the latest Eldest Scrolls game was the massive content, side quest that seemed never ending, player-created mods, and, of course, officials DLCs. This ranged from building a house, new quest lines, and new weapons or armor that players could equip to continue on through their experience. That has turned Skyrim into a game that fans invested over hundred hours in, and perhaps Bethesda could achieve the same with Fallout 4.

The latest title that places the player in post-apocalyptic Boston has been meet with excellent reviews from players and exceptional acclaim from critics. However, the game was launched in November 2015, so the developer is ready to create something new for players to experience. Via their official Twitter account, Bethesda announced that a new DLC and updates are incoming this year.

One of the biggest changes announced was the Survival Mode, which will get increasingly more difficult and complex. Unlike several games, Fallout 4 difficulties can be switched at any point during the game and do not feature a change in actual game mechanics. Your survivor will not be tackled by more creatures around the world. Instead though, they will be taking more damage and inflicting much less.

However, if you found that too easy as well, worry not. Bethesda is planning a complete overhaul, where new factors will be included in the player’s experience. This will include “food, sleep, diseases, danger, and more” according to the studio. It will be interesting to see how these factors will diversify gameplay or even make the entire experience more challenging.

Bethesda has not announced any more details, so the upcoming DLC could contain anything. However, if it’s keeping up with the studios tradition, it should have at least 30 more hours of gameplay, along with more items.

The developer even offered fans of the game a $30 Season Pass, which will include all the upcoming DLCs and updates to be launched. According to Bethesda, it’s a small price to pay for the all the content that will be arriving for Fallout 4. History tells us to trust the studio’s word, but it remains to be seen how many are that eager to dive in head first, without any additional details.

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