Facebook Wants You to Share More Personal Information


When you first made your Facebook account, one of the first things you did was most likely to check up on your old acquaintances. Over time, the focus has changed, and at one point you’d just share wat you were watching, how you were feeling, whatever got you angry that day, etc. But that also eventually got old, and you’re mostly using the social media platform to keep in touch with friends and to get the information you care about from your feed.

And the company is perfectly aware of that trend. They are so aware, in fact, that Facebook wants you to share more personal information. This has multiple reasons, the most of important of which being that without any personal information on the social media platform, the number of users would drop significantly. And of course, the people in charge don’t really want that.

You probably even noticed these particularly annoying habits that have gotten into the website, making it seem like a jealous girlfriend starved for attention. It started off slow, with a couple of reminders here or there, but it quickly escalated to full-on attention mode.

The constant “x years ago” reminders are in fact an attempt by the company to get you to share memories in the hopes of gathering more views, or even tempting you to upload more similar pictures of what’s going on this year.

But that was a double bladed sword at first, as at first all memories would be shared, including the sad ones, like someone dying. But that was soon fixed to include just happy memories, like some sort of future AI hive mind that is taking over the last remnants of humanity after setting off a nuclear war at some point and sending what’s left of humanity into space. But I digress.

Another feature you might have noticed that has been driving you mad recently is that Facebook really wants you to be a good friend. And by that I of course mean how you’re being constantly bombarded with notifications that it’s your friends’ birthdays. You’re getting at least two or three reminders a day, until you actually write something on the person’s timeline.

And this neediness has also translated into the company’s most recent endeavors, as their new livestream app is sensing you notifications to pretty much everything you like on Facebook that has a stream. And there is no way to turn them off, at least not for now.

Still, despite the company losing some money and some popularity on its social media platform, Facebook is still too firmly cemented into our lives for us to be able to get rid of it or for it to lose any significant market segment. So they’ll just keep doing what they’re doing.

Image source: Pixabay