Facebook Users Reported The Reappearance Of Old Posts

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Facebook users have been reporting the appearance of old photos and posts.

Facebook users have been reporting the appearance of old photos and posts as a glitch is believed to affect the smartphone devices users.

The recent glitch started being reported on other social media platforms and has drawn the attention of several publications.

According to user reports, old photos and posts are being re-uploaded and presented as being new. The glitch reportedly started manifesting sometimes around last Friday.

As the situation could have possibly been ignored, users became aware of another of the glitch’s features. Reports show that users can only delete a few of the re-posted information.

Most Facebook users have reported being unable to remove the old photos and posts. They stated to have received the following standard error message. “Something’s gone wrong. We’re working to get it fixed as soon as possible.”

As the error and message keep repeating, users have reportedly turned to the Facebook Help Community. Most express their concern about the matter and are hoping for a solution.

Last Friday, a Facebook spokesperson reportedly confirmed the fact that the social media platform is aware of the problem. They are currently said to be trying to determine and fix the glitch.

Specific details about the nature or the first manifestation of the error are not yet available according to media sources. The exact number of affected users is yet to be determined, nor is its cause known as of yet.

For the moment, some users have reported that they first detected the bug following an update. The update seems to have been targeted at the iOS system, but the news is also to be confirmed.

The reasons for the upstir caused by the reported glitch are quite a few. One may be the potentially unwanted walk down memory lane, as some are not so thrilled by their past posts.

However, a bigger cause of concern is apparently related to privacy concerns. Initial reports show that most of the users to experience the bug initially believed that they had been hacked.

Some took the reappearance of the old posts as a sign that they were the target of a cyber-attack. Others accused Facebook of tinkering with their accounts.

However, following the Friday statement, this may not be the cause. The social media platform has yet to announce that the glitch has been righted.

As the social media platform may not be re-posting on purpose, this is not Facebook’ first bug. Earlier this same year, a number of Facebook users discovered that the site had declared them to be dead.

Even Mark Zuckerberg’s account was amongst the reported memorialized profile pages. Facebook was prompt to acknowledge that it had made “a terrible error” and proceeded to quickly fix the glitch.

At the time, the bug was met more with amusement than outrage. However, it also raised concerns as to the accuracy of post-disaster check-up posts and other such campaigns.

The current glitch experienced by various Facebook users has once again raised privacy concerns and questions. Besides the possibility of being hacked, it may potentially start debates as to the platform itself.

It remains to be seen how soon the glitch will be resolved. The number of affected Facebook users and also its outspread will also probably be estimated.

Image Source: Pixabay