Facebook Simplifies Donation Button

"Facebook's Donate button"

Donations are now much easier thanks to the new Facebook feature.

Given Mark Zuckerberg’s interest in charitable deeds, Facebook simplifies donation button. The new features are meant to simplify fundraising campaigns and to enable communication between fund raisers and donators.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the famous social network has always expressed his interest in charity. He has invested millions of dollars to support education and he is now working to make Internet available in poorer regions of the world.

On Thursday, Zuckerberg came with another brilliant idea: he has built special fundraising pages on Facebook to help people donate for philanthropic causes without actually leaving Facebook pages. This way, the communication between the two parties is easily established.

Developers at Facebook think the new fundraising tool will be of particular use to donators, who won’t have to waste any more of their precious time to open new pages and share their credit card details therein. From now on, these processes can be made directly on Facebook.

Facebook has decided to improve their donate sections because they believe donators should be encouraged to contribute to positive causes. Non-profit organizations have to be able to communicate with their contributors and stay connected with them. They can now do this by sharing their campaigns on the new page.

The new tool is only valid for nonprofit societies, but the goal is to make the option available for fundraisers, as well. So far, there are only three charity companies using the service and these are: World Wildlife Fund, National MS Society and Mercy Corps.

Mark Zuckerberg hopes many more people will be stimulated to contribute to charity causes if their access to these campaigns is now facilitated. All campaigns on Facebook will feature a Donate button to reduce fundraising times.

The new features will soon be tested with many fund raising companies in the United States. Their number has been limited to 37 nonprofit organizations for the moment, but it could increase if reports show the new feature has been successful.

Image source: www.pixabay.com