Facebook Decides to Focus on Investments and Closes Oculus Story Studio

Child wearing Oculus

Facebook shuts down Oculus Story Studio

It seems like Facebook’s priority is currently not virtual reality, as they have recently announced that they would close their VR division Oculus Story Studio. They have decided to focus more on investments rather than on producing internal content.

Facebook wants to invest in external content

Mark Zuckerberg declared that they had already invested in this division. In fact, $250 million were used to create original content for VR technology. Besides this, they have also given some resources to offer Oculus Rift owners a true VR experience and keep them entertained.

However, it seems that they have invested enough in the VR industry. The company has already decided that they would invest $50 million in the production of other types of content which is not related to gaming.

Oculus Story Studio produced cinematic VR content

Oculus Story Studio came into being in 2014. Its purpose was to produce original content viewable in virtual reality. Last year, they produced a short animation which won an Emmy. Henry is the story of a hedgehog who loves giving hugs.

In the middle of the production a new similar project called Dear Angelica, they started developing a new product which used virtual reality. This product, called Quill, was a painting tool which allowed users to create their own content directly inside virtual reality.

Despite the fact that the company closed, Quill will still be available for download. However, it will no longer receive updates. Some rumors suggest that they want to make this project open source, so it might receive new content soon. Unfortunately, Oculus Story Studio had to cancel their unfinished project, The Wolves in the Walls. The company released an official statement in which they confirmed this information.

This cancellation will leave around 50 people unemployed. However, Facebook assures them that they can find new jobs. They are welcome to apply for any other position within Facebook or Oculus.
Image Source: Okinawa Marines