Facebook Launches New Slideshow App

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Facebook launches a new function.

Facebook launches a new function, which will allow users to create mini-video clips using the uploaded material.  We don’t yet know when this app will become widely available across all platforms.

The Slideshow option will be used to create Facebook-friendly media content. If you’re a Facebook iOS user, here’s what you need to do to make your slideshow:

When you upload more than five videos and photos over a period of 24 hours, the slideshow option will automatically appear in the “What’s on your mind” box. A demo slideshow, automatically made by Facebook will run at the top of your news feed.

You can customize it by adding or removing videos and photos, choosing a particular theme, tagging friends or putting a title. You can select one of the ten themes, which are: Nostalgic, Epic, Night Out, Playful, Tropical, Birthday, Amped, Bollywood, Inspired or Thankful.

The company said it would add more options and music in time. This type of movie maker is Facebook’s response to competing with Apple and Google’s similar apps. Google has already presented its’ assistant, which can create mini-clips and Apple’s app that will allow you to record Memories is coming soon, to be launched with the new mobile system iOS10.

Facebook has tested its’ app in some countries and now it’s available to everyone. The Social Media network has seen a decrease in personal content sharing lately, like links to articles, memes or quizzes began to be trending in the news feed.  Meantime, a lot of the live broadcasting has moved to Snapchat.

Now Facebook wants the market share back, and it tries to make a comeback with the Slideshow feature. Normally, you would select only the finest photos taken on your adventure experience. Facebook has algorithms that can rank your photos according to popularity.

With this new option, the Facebook app will be in sync with your phone’s library and photo gallery. It will also detect when you’ve taken at least five photos in 24 hours. Facebook will put together a slideshow, and post a preview on top of your news feed.

From now on, you will be able to jazz-up your less eye-catching photos, through the use of music, filters and other little app helpers introduced by Facebook. Facebook launches this new app in hopes of keeping up to date with competition.

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