People who Exercise Regularly Less Likely to Die Early

Woman exercising

Those who exercise every week are less likely to die from an earlty death, studies found

Studies found that the risk of death in a middle-aged adult is significantly lowered if they work out every week. The ‘weekend warriors’ (those who are too busy during the workdays so they concentrate their working out hours during in weekends) recorded a 30-percent lowered risk of early death. Those that have a more extensive working out schedule and attend the gym recorded only an extra of 5 percent.

The study collected data from 63,000 British adults in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. The results offer hope to those who exercise regularly on weekends. The World Health Organization recommends at least 150 minutes of weekly moderate exercising, such as cycling, walking, or gardening, or 75 minutes of more vigorous exercise (jogging).

The results also showed that, even if they do not follow these targets strictly, those who exercise weekly have a significantly reduced chance of an early death. Those who do all the hours recommended are way healthier and it does not matter if they cram it all in one or two days or if they split the hours during the week.

A new study has been performed by researchers from the following universities: Loughborough in the United Kingdom, Harvard Medical School in the United States, and Sidney University in Australia. They found that concentrating all the working out hours into one or two sessions is almost as good as exercising regularly. The results are to be found in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal. They focused on tracking people aged over 40 for a period of almost nine years.

People who exercise regularly – that is three times a week or more – are 35 percent less likely to die early from any cause than those who never work out. The ‘weekend warriors’, who exercise only once or twice a week but still gather the necessary hours, are 30 percent less likely to die.

The pattern is respected even when certain specific diseases are put into question. Regular exercisers are 21 percent less likely to die of cancer, and ‘weekend warriors’ 18 percent less likely. Results are even better concerning cardiovascular diseases, where the percentages lie around 40 percent.

These are really good news for middle-aged people and should be taken into consideration. Each bit of exercise, even if not performed regularly, lowers the risk of early death from any causes.
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