It’s Time to End Discrimination for Mental Health Problems

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A new company joined the fight to end discrimination against mental health problems

According to reports, the number of mental health problems and people affected by them is increasing. The problem is that some of these people are too afraid to go to the doctor or tell anybody about it due to discrimination. It is important to understand and treat mental health problems just like any other illness.

Mental Health Problems Still Veiled in a Shroud of Discrimination

In the United Kingdom, the number of people who suffer from mental health problems is quite high. One in four people suffers one episode of some mental health issue in their life. Over the last year, the number of prescriptions for depression increased by 46%. As it is, companies need to stop fueling the discrimination against these conditions. The first big companies to initiate and join the initiative to end this discrimination are NHS, Barclay, and Royal Mail.

Now, another large employer signed the Time to Change pledge. This is an UK-focused scheme that wants to change business attitude by ending the discrimination against mental health problems in the workplace. Suffering from a mental health issue can affect a person. Social stigma can make it even harder for a person to recover.

Over the last few years, the number of initiatives to stop discrimination in the workplace for mental health problems has been increasing. Despite this fact, there is a lot more to be done before we can see the change. A lot of people are still afraid to talk to their employer about mental health issues. Some people still believe that these problems should not be treated in a manner similar to diabetes or other conditions, for example.

More and more companies are starting to gain interest in mental health problems and are trying to stop the discrimination. This is a hard thing to do, considering the fact that these issues have been carrying a stigma for many years.

Image Source: Pixabay