Early Universe Secrets Uncovered By 63 Quasars

artistic representation of quasar

Some of the secrets of the early Universe have been uncovered, using 63 quasars.

Some of the secrets of the early Universe have been uncovered, using 63 quasars. Astronomers found 63 new quasars in just one stage of research.

A study led by Eduardo Banados, an astronomer form the Carnegie Institution for Science, has doubled the figure of quasars that we know exist in the early universe.

These quasars show an accurate picture of space, as it looked like when it was 1 billion years old. Quasars resemble lighthouses. They have rays of light which beacon away in the old universe. They can be found in the central part of galaxies and act like supermassive black holes. They shine very brightly so telescopes can photograph them.

Banados says that they practically enlighten our knowledge of the early universe formation. The way they suck in matter and concentrate it in the accretion disk, makes intense X-rays take shape. These X-rays are very powerful so they can be traced form 13 billion light years away.

A further analysis should offer new information about the evolution of a young universe. It will shed light on how the dark universe became filled with heat and light. That’s a period in time science doesn’t know a lot about.

Right after the Big Bang, when matter exploded and space as we know it came to be, there waws no light. Gravity started to slowly gather hydrogen atoms which made the first sources of light for the Universe appear.

How light structures took shape and evolved is a mystery yet uncovered by science – according to Banados.

Until now, scientists could not study that period of the Universe because they couldn’t see it. Now, they will be able to gather more information on the early stages of the Universe by analyzing the 63 quasars in the distant universe.

The findings form this study will also tell us more about how the Milky Way came to be. It will also shed light on how the planets and moons in the Solar System formed.

Maybe they can even solve the age-old mystery of the Earth’s moon and how it formed. Was it by collision with another planet or was it a large asteroid?

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Image Source – Wikipedia