The E. coli Outbreak Is Making More Victims

There is an E. coli outbreak in the United States

The E. coli outbreak made 20 victims.

The Centers for Disease Control said they are dealing with a multistate outbreak of E.coli, which has sickened seven people. Five of them were sent to the hospital because they were not feeling good. It seems that the outbreak is caused by beef products from Adams Farms Slaughterhouse in Athol, Massachusetts. Even though there were no deaths, they are still in danger.

According to CDC,  those five people who were hospitalized ate ground beef in the week before getting sick.  The Adams Farm Slaughterhouse recalled some products to keep their customers safe. Patients are from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. This makes the situation worse because more people could be infected with the E. coli bacteria.

Health officials are advising people to pay attention to what they are eating. Moreover, companies should test their products before releasing them on the market because bacteria can be everywhere. E. coli is just an example and there are more viruses which can be really dangerous for us.

The E.coli bacteria live in the intestines of people and animals. Even though they can be an important part of a healthy human intestinal tract, some E. coli can cause illness. It can be transmitted due to contaminated water, food or even if you have close contact with the infected animal.

If you have stomach cramps, fever and you feel like vomiting, you should see a doctor because it is possible you were infected with the  E.coli bacteria. The infection should not last more than 7 days. Even though most infections are not so dangerous, the severe ones are a major threat to your health.

There are ways to prevent this infection from happening. First of all, do not forget to wash your hands after you went to the bathroom or before cooking.  Avoid buying raw milk or unpasteurized food because there are more chances to get E.coli from these products.

Even though antibiotics are used for this infection, there was no evidence that they are helping the patient. However, when people are going to the hospital for this issue, most of them are getting antibiotics to fight against E.coli bacteria.

We are expecting more news from CDC regarding this problem. There were a lot of people who consumed that beef, so it would be no surprise if there will be more cases in the future.

Image source: Wikipedia