Drunkorexia Around The World

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Drunkorexia is risky behavior

Drunkorexia means a risky behavior exhibited by college students from around the world. They throw up, exercise heavily or skip meals before drinking, to enhance the effect of the drinks.Heavy drinking affects more people than was previously thought.

A new survey by the University of Huston found that eight in ten students had drunkorexic behavior, including inducing vomiting, consuming laxatives or skipping food before drinking. According to the researchers, both men and women engage in this activity. Also, both have the same chances of getting really drunk, really fast.

The issue is not confined to America. It’s a mass phenomenon among young people, where they eat disorderly for the purpose of saving more calories for alcohol.

A whopping 18% of US adults drink unhealthy alcohol amounts. The threshold is above four drinks for women and above five drinks for men. Alcohol-related deaths amount to nearly 100,000 per year in the US alone.

Here is a list of cities that have an alcohol problem, and another list of cities which consume the smallest alcohol amounts.

One of the most drinking-inclined cities on the list is Appleton, Wisconsin. Other cities on the “drunk “ list are Green Bay in Wisconsin, Madison in Wisconsin, La Crosse in Minnesota, Fargo in North Dakota, and other cities from Wisconsin and Iowa. The least drunk American areas are Provo – Orem in Utah, St. George also in Utah, Beckley , Logan in Idaho and cities in Tennessee.

Binge drinking is a real problem in the USA and the UK. It costs thousands of lives every year, and these are mostly young people we’re talking about. Other alcohol-related risks include injuries, drunk driving, or firearms accidents. Academic performance of students is also affected by over drinking.

Binge drinking also places a burden on the medical system, which has to cope with all the disastrous results of drinking.

There are some strategies to reduce the unwanted effects of alcohol on health. These include: understanding how much you can drink, making a plan at the beginning of the night and setting limits, in order to drink less. Pacing also helps, leaving spaces in between drinks and of course knowing what you are drinking.

A lot of students feel pressured into drinking because everybody is doing it. And the problem is only growing with the current drunkorexia pathology, manifested around the world.

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