Dragon Front Is The Only Card Game For VR

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Dragon Front Is The Only Card Game For VR

So far, Dragon Front is the only card game for VR that will be coming out to introduce new players to the true virtual reality experience. And what could the new platforms help with if not bring gamers into a whole other world or just familiar ones with an added twist.

We have seen how GTA V would look in VR. It’s a truly different experience with actual psychological impacts because you are in the action and shooting strangers down the street. However, not all would be so violent to the point of making you feel guilty for playing them. In fact, some would even be for the younger audiences.

Dragon Front could be the one to fill that gap. Card games, in spite of their novelty quality, are still an enjoyable activity for many. Titles such as Magic: The Gathering have an incredible success around the younger audiences, with several competitions and too many decks to count at this point. It’s a type of game that thrives on strategy, and admittedly a bit of luck, and much less on your reflexes or button mashing.

That same sort of gameplay will be brought to VR. Dragon Front is essentially a blend between Hearthstone and Heroes Might and Magic. The player will be equipped with the aforementioned deck of cards, all with units that have different powers and abilities. From there, it’s a turn style game that’s a good reminder of the old classic. However, the perspective alone adds such a beautiful twist to the game that might just make it the perfect title to begin with.

As the commanding player over your troops, Oculus Rift will bring you above the board, hovering, watching, and ordering them around like a god. You will be able to change perspectives, watch different angles, while your opponent is sitting across from you doing the same thing. There are no actual faces, but giant masks instead, which actually follow the player’s gaze around the board.

It might not seem like much, but it’s an excellent way of adding more strategy to the game. It would help to see where your opponent is looking and what his next move might be.

The game’s style is a blend between fantasy and steampunk, one that would be familiar to Warcraft fans. It’s being developed by High Voltage Software for the upcoming Oculus Rift that will be released this spring. It will have 280 characters, 80 encampments, over 100 spells, two unique factions, and, like any collectible card game (CCG) plenty of DLCs to come. The sky’s the limit, and it’s highly likely that if the game sees success that there will be a lot of variation in terms of gameplay.

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