Instagram Users Are Now Able To Use The Draft Feature

Instagram has a new Draft Feature

Instagram has launched the Draft Feature

Instagram has prepared a new surprise for its users, called Draft Feature.  If you are editing a photo, but you have to do something else, you can save your edit as a draft. This way users will be able to finish the edit later or even make more edits and choose that they like the most. Instagram has already tested the Draft feature for some people, but now everyone can use it.

This feature is easy to use. First of all, you have to tap the camera icon and take or upload a photo or a video. If you have ever used Instagram before, you know that after that you have to add effects and filters. This is the moment when you can save the draft on your phone. Go back to editing the photo and tap the back arrow.

All you have to do is to select Save Draft and you will find your photo on the phone, to edit it later. If you want to see photos, you have to go to the gallery and search for Drafts. It is easy for use, especially for someone who has already tried Instagram for a long time.

We are expecting many companies to use the Draft feature to prepare more posts for publishing. This could happen also to many users. You have some free time, edit some photos, but you post only one. The others will be saved in your phone and you will be able to use them later.

Even though this feature is not something big, users seem to enjoy it. We live in a busy world and we do not always have time to edit more photos. Moreover, if you have a company, you will be able to prepare more photos and post them when you will have the time. It is easier just to upload the photo when you are busy than searching for the best filter and spending time on Instagram.

If you can’t use the Draft feature at the moment, do not worry because you will be able to this soon. Instagram has prepared more features for us and we are expecting more people to use the social network. What do you think about the new feature? What other improvements does Instagram have to make for its users?

Image source: Pixabay