Doomsday Clock Closer to Midnight

Nuclear explosion

The Doomsday Clock is now at two and a half minutes to midnight

Should we be worried that the apocalypse is coming? Maybe, since the Doomsday Clock is now closer to midnight and one of the guilty is President Trump.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists declared that the minute hand on the clock of the apocalypse was moved 30 seconds closer to midnight on Thursday. The Doomsday Clock registers how close we are to global annihilation. Now, the clock is the closest to the end of the world since the testing of the U.S.’s first thermonuclear weapon, followed by the test of the Russian’s H-bomb in 1953.

The clock was originally set seven minutes to midnight. It indicated the safest point of humanity in 1991, at the end of the Cold War, when it showed 17 minutes to midnight. The clock last moved in 2015 and reached three minutes to midnight, until this Thursday.

The experts explained what caused the clock to move again. The global security is now in danger since humanity did not succeed in dealing with the threats we are facing, such as nuclear weapons or climate change. Trump’s election as president was of no help in the situation, since he promised no improvements regarding these impending threats.

The Bulletin declared that they had never made the decision to move the clock based only on the statements of a single person but, since now this person is the president of the United States, the situation is different. The precarious situation of the world caused nationalism rates to rise in 2016. Then, the winner of the presidential campaign made unsuitable comments on the use of nuclear weapons and disregarded the importance of climate change awareness.

The countdown to extinction was established in 1974 by the scientists who were working on the first atomic bomb. By this Doomsday Clock, they wanted to show the impact a nuclear war can have on all humanity.

One of the scientists, Alexander Langsdorf, was married to the artist who designed the clock which was published on the cover of the scientists’ magazine. After being initially set at seven minutes to midnight, they moved the clock forward with four minutes in 1949.

Besides nuclear danger, the clock takes into consideration other threats, such as climate change or advances in biological engineering or artificial intelligence. The situation is not so bright, since climate change dangers are a reality and the United States and Russia may make use of their nuclear weapons anytime. Let’s just hope the Doomsday Clock would not move even closer to midnight.
Image Source: Pixabay