Donald Trump Unveils His Personal Favorite SCOTUS Picks

'Donald Trump'

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court list includes top legal conservatives from federal and state appellate courts.

Donald Trump recently unveiled the names of 11 court judges that in his opinion are the best suited to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia and boost conservative control over the nation’s top court.

After Justice Scalia’s death, President Obama picked Judge Merrick Garland, but the Republican-controlled Senate pledged to veto the nomination and block the seat before the general election. SCOTUS now has just eight justices, of which 4 share conservative views.

Furthermore, other justices may also depart soon. Two justices are already in their 80s, while one justice will celebrate his 78th anniversary this summer.

If Trump is elected president and he nominates more conservatives to the Supreme Court, the conservative control will be fully restored. By contrast, if a Democratic nominee wins the election, analysts expect the most liberal U.S. high court in the last 50 years.

Trump is also a huge fan of Justice Scalia whom he called a “remarkable person” and a “brilliant” justice. On his list, all SCOTUS picks are Caucasians, three are women and the rest men. Six are federal judges.

Experts believe that Trump made the announcement to ease tensions within his party and convince his fellow Republicans that he is the right man to be for the general election. Conservatives in his party are also questioning his commitment to their values.

Trump noted that the list is an echo of the constitutional principles he is the most fond of. He is also poised to use the list as a guide for future SCOTUS nominations if he gets to the Oval Office.

The list features federal Judge William Pryor, who described the ruling that legalized abortions across the U.S. as the constitutional law’s “worst abomination.”

Other nominees are Judge Joan Larsen, who paid a tribute to Justice Scalia at his memorial service, and Judge Steven Colloton, who ruled against Obama’s mandate that faith-affiliated groups provide their female employees with free contraceptives,

This stirred the ire of feminist groups, which criticized Trump for picking a “woman’s worst nightmare” as Supreme Court nominees. These groups are concerned that a conservative control over SCOTUS would eventually overturn the Roe v. Wade ruling.

Other people hailed Trump’s picks for being in sharp contrast with what Hillary Clinton would nominate. Trump supporters said the former Secretary of State will most likely nominate judges that will continue her abortion lobby.

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