Dogs Killed by Cancer Medication

Labrador Retriever

Five pet owners reported that their dogs had died after accidentally ingesting skin cancer cream

Several pet owners showed intense outrage when their dogs died after accidentally ingesting a cream used for skin cancer. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned owners to be careful from now on, since even a small amount of ointment can prove lethal for the dogs.

FDA issued an official warning that informed pet owners and veterinarians that pets are in danger of developing illnesses and even dying if they consume the topical cancer medication Fluorouracil Cream USP 5 (5-FU) which is meant only for human use. Pay attention that the cream can also be found under the names Carac, Effudex, or Fluoroplex.

FDA urges people who use this medication to be really careful when applying it so that the pets should not make contact with the treated areas. Owners should also store the cream in places where the dogs cannot reach it.

One of the unhappy pet owners reported how all happened in his case. His two dogs began playing with the Fluorouracil tube. One of them punctured the tube and, before the owner could take it away, it had already ingested small amounts of cream. After two hours, the dog started vomiting, then experienced seizures and, in the end, died twelve hours later.

In a different case, the dog retrieved the medication tube and ate its contents, without his owner seeing it. When the owner realized what had happened, he immediately took the dog to a veterinarian. He attempted to administer some treatment to the animal, but it did not work. The dog’s condition got worse and he had to be euthanized after three days.

So far, FDA have only been reported about dogs and Fluorouracil, but they suspect that cats must be as sensitive to the medication as dogs. Therefore, they warn the cat owners to be careful, too, since cats can more easily get in places that are difficult to reach for dogs.

Thus, pet owners should be really careful not to pet their animals immediately after applying the medication and wait until it is properly absorbed by the skin. They should also keep the cream tube in safe places, away from the reach of their pets. They should also secure the tube so that, even if their pet reaches the medication, they would not be able to ingest it.
Image Source: Pixabay