Dirt Is Not as Harmful for Your Children as You May Think

Girl and cat playing in the dirt

Children are perfectly safe even if they come into contact with dirt

A scientist from the University of Chicago challenges the old convictions that children should be kept away from dirt or be given only sterilized items. He decided to see what happens to the kids’ organisms when they come into contact with microbes, and discovered they had plenty of benefits from it.

Parents are too careful with dirt surrounding their children

Nowadays, parents are advised to keep their children away from animals or from dirty objects, and always sterilized those items they touch or use. This is why Jack Gilbert, after studying several microbe ecosystems at the University of Chicago, decided to see what happened if a child got into contact with dirt, and if these warnings were well-founded.

It turns out that exposing children to germs is not that harmful for them. In fact, it might bring them some benefits. Getting into contact with some dirt is not going to kill your kids, but rather stimulate their immune system and make them less vulnerable to other ailments. Therefore, you don’t have to sanitize your kid’s pacifier every time it falls on the floor.

Germs are beneficial for children’s immune systems

One of the most frequent mistakes parents make is the fact that they keep everything surrounding their child overly sanitized. Not allowing your child to touch dirt or be exposed to germs leaves them unprepared from meeting those germs later in life.

Also, parents think they shouldn’t let kids play with animals. This is a huge misconception, as bringing children up with a pet around is incredibly beneficial for them. All you have to do after they play is wash your child’s hands with water and soap. Using hand sanitizer is not necessary.

Therefore, you don’t need to be extra cautious with your children in environments full of dirt. Let them have fun and enjoy an adventurous childhood. Also, extremely dangerous microbes are pretty impossible to gather in your household, so your child is safe.
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