Di Caprio’s Speech Went Viral

Leonardo Di Caprio

Celebrities often have a great impact on world issues. Leonardo Di Caprio is no exception

Celebrities often have a great impact on world issues. Leonardo Di Caprio is no exception. His speech on climate change at the Oscars went viral. A study conducted by a team of experts from San Diego State University proved that the world listened to Di Caprio.

John Ayers, the study leader, and his team looked at statistics on climate change and correlated it with Google searches after the Oscars.

Di Caprio took home the prize for best actor. He decided to speak up about climate change in his acceptance speech. 34.5 million were watching.

Leonardo Di Caprio wanted to convince everyone that climate change is real and it is going on now. He also pointed out that it is threatening our species and that we need to work together, as a society to put an end to climate change.

Di Caprio wants leaders across the globe to be heard, not only those who speak for big corporations or big polluters but those who take the whole humanity into consideration. He said that the future is our children’s children and that some of the voices have been drowned by the politics of greed.

Following his speech, tweets about climate change climbed by 636 percent higher than average. Climate change also turned into one of the most sought word pairs on Google trends.

This study confirms the fact that celebrities can bring about change, especially over world issues.

Although the media did not initially cover the subject, users turned to the internet to comment and re-watch Di Caprio’s speech.

These findings are important because they show that celebrities really do make a difference. People listen to other people they look up to, like celebrities. This is why scientists’ and policy-makers’ authorized opinions aren’t enough to convince people on sensitive subjects. Sometimes all it takes is a celebrity.

Google searches on “climate change” or “global warming” ranked number three, high at the top of climate change searching trends on the popular search engine.

It was proved that when a celebrity speaks out it can make a huge difference, even if the media doesn’t cover it initially.

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