Detroit’s Whole Foods Is Linked To Two Hepatitis A Cases

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Detroit’s Whole Foods Market store has been linked to two Hepatitis A cases.

Detroit’s Whole Foods Market store has been linked to two Hepatitis A cases which has local authorities prompting the possible customers to get a vaccination.

The Whole Foods an Austin, Texas-based company, has issued a public health warning after one of their Detroit locations has tested positive for two cases of Hepatitis A infections.

The store in cause is the Mack Avenue revenue, and the two cases involve one of the store’s employees and a customer who was seen to have dined in the prepared foods area of the Whole Foods store.

Although it is as yet unclear if the two cases are related or if the two involved individuals could have contracted the infestation from one another, the company has decided to release a public warning.

As Whole Foods has been cooperating with the authorities on the matter, it has also reportedly started verifying the company safety procedures and food logs and programs as the first detected case was one of its employees.

Even though the exact method in which the two have contracted the virus is not known, local authorities have been advising the store’s clients to visit their doctors.

The warning targets the customers that may have eaten or purchased the store’s products in the October 6 to 12, time period, and suggests that all respective buyers should go get checked up and also seek preventive treatments.

Hepatitis A is highly contagious and ca be contracted through contaminated products such as water and food. A vaccine exists which can prevent people from contracting the disease as it is also a post-exposure treatment.

However, the vaccination following exposure stops being effective if it is administered in a period of over two weeks after the possible contamination or exposure to hepatitis.

As such, customers are urged to seek treatment and go through check-ups as most could still benefit from the vaccine.

Even so, the targeted people should be careful and monitor for any possible signs of infection. Even 50 days could pass before the first symptoms will start manifesting, and many could not even present them.

People should look out for symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, fever, vomiting, abdominal pains, a yellow skin and eyes tint. The symptoms can manifest more mildly or hit in full force, but however they occur, the respective person should seek immediate medical attention.

Image Source: Wikimedia