Neil deGrasse Tyson Analyzes Game of Thrones Physics, Offering Possible Hint to the Fate of Westeros

Neil deGrasse Tyson at Howard University

Neil deGrasse Tyson analyzed the physics of the dragons in Game of Thrones

In case you are dying of curiosity about what is going to happen next on Game of Thrones, Neil deGrasse Tyson has given us a few hints. His judgements are not based on any insight on the future of the show, so he is not aware of any details of the scenario. However, he analyzed the science involved in the dragon scenes, and told us what is logical from a scientific point of view.

Tyson is disappointed by the White Walkers’ chains

The popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has also been caught up in this worldwide Game of Thrones craze, and decided to offer people his opinions based on a thorough scientific analysis of the latest season. All comments concern the frightful ice dragon, since this is the subject which keeps everybody’s attention alert.

First of all, he made an observation regarding the chains of the White Walkers. With these chains, they dragged the dragon Viserion out of the lake, and eventually turned it into one of their undead creatures. However, the scene showing this event taking place isn’t scientifically accurate. They don’t exhibit any tension, and it’s necessary for them to be straight to pull something up.

The wings have a proper appearance, but what’s up with the blue dragon breath?

However, the dragon wings look as they should. Many people debated if dragons should actually be physically able to fly, but their large width is in accordance with their huge weight. Therefore, they look like the creature could use them to raise itself and travel through air. However, others still think a dragon would be much too big to stay aloft without the wings breaking, no matter how big they are.

The last commentary is the most worrying for us. You surely remember Viserion breathing blue fire over the Wall. According to Tyson and physics, such a fire should be about three times hotter than regular flames. This is bad news for Westeros, and might suggest a much bigger threat awaits the people of the Seven Kingdoms, something they wouldn’t have expected.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons