Why is Daenerys Not in the Finale’s Photos and Preview?

Artist's rendition of King's Landing

It seems like the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones might not bring so many epic battles. However, it will surely shock the audience in ways they never imagined. In the preview HBO released for the episode we can see he majority of the character gathering at Dragonpit in King’s Landing. The finale, interestingly called “The Dragon and The Wolf”, will be the longest episode in HBO’s history. However, even if the most important people will be there, like Cersei and Jaime, Tyrion and Jon Snow, Brienne, The Hound and Euron Greyjoy, one of the most important players is missing from all promotional material. Daenerys doesn’t appear in the preview, nor in the photos. So, what is going on?

Where is Daenerys?

The Mother of Dragons should indeed be present at the most important meeting of the entire show. After all, she is the one who must convince Cersei to stop the fighting and focus on the Whitewalker invasion. Jon Snow can be heard in the trailer saying that the biggest war is coming, and it’s not the one for the Iron Throne. SO, what is the reason behind HBO’s refusal to show a glimpse of her?

One of the reasons could be that they want to keep her epic arrival a secret. Daenerys will surely arrive at King’s Landing on the back of her beloved Drogon and amaze everyone there. Interesting enough, Bran had a vision of a dragon flying over King’s Landing back in Season 4 and then again in Season 6. So maybe this will finally take place during Sunday’s episode.

Also, it’s worth noting that there are some other major characters who will not be present at the meeting because they have work to do in Winterfell. The Starks children will remain at home, and Sansa chose to send Brienne to represent her. Bran is stuck in his wheelchair and Arya must solve her problems with Sansa.

Image source: tmdb