Copper Burns Fat, Study Finds

Copper burns fat, according to scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and at UC Berkeley. Copper was already known as an essential nutrient with countless benefits for human health. The new finding now adds the potential to burn fat naturally as well.

"Copper Burns Fat"

Foods rich in copper include leafy greens, seeds, mushrooms, nuts, beans, oysters, and shellfish.

The study, named “Copper Regulates Cyclic-AMP-Dependent Lipolysis”, was published on June 6 on the Nature Chemical Biology journal’s website. It will also appear in print in the July edition of the same journal.

According to researchers, copper is an endogenous regulator of lipolysis. This may sound pretentious, but let us break it down for you. It’s the essential process in maintaining a proper body weight and energy reservoirs. This means that copper can break fat into fatty acids. The more copper, the more fat is broken down.

The team tried to establish the link between copper and fat using mice sick with Wilson’s disease. This is a genetic mutation that leads to abnormal copper accumulation in the liver. Analysis revealed that these mice had lower than normal lipid levels as opposed to healthy, control mice. Scientists also discovered that the sick mice also had lower levels of copper in the white adipose tissue than the control group.

Providing yet another proof of copper’s newly discovered benefit, are cattle. Copper levels in cattle feed have been previously linked to the meat’s fattiness.

Scientists are now interested in studying whether copper deficiency could be linked to human obesity or obesity-related diseases.

Copper is essential for us, humans. But out body cannot make the nutrient, so intake of copper is done through food. Foods rich in copper include leafy greens, seeds, mushrooms, nuts, beans, oysters, and shellfish. It’s vital to the formation of red blood cells, iron absorption, development of connective tissue and support for the immune system.

According to the US Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, adults must consume about 700 micrograms of dietary copper each day. However, it was found that only 25 percent of Americans get enough copper daily.

Even though copper burns fat and it is indeed beneficial for our health, researchers caution against copper supplements ingestion as a way to lose weight. Too much copper leads to imbalances with other minerals, such as zinc.