Consuming Green Tea Might Hep Improve The Memory

green tea in a glass cup

Drinking green tea might bring more health benefits than initially believed.

According to a new study, green tea may be more than just a pleasant drink. It might also be a quite efficient way of boosting and improving the memory and also

Northwest A&F University in Yangling, China, scientists conducted a new study that analyzed the properties of consuming this tea variant on mice. Their research results were published in The FASEB Journal.

Green Tea, Useful in Jogging Up the Memory and Others More

Previous research found that epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG could potentially help treat a variety of diseases, for example, bone marrow disorders. Or it could contribute to reducing the kidney toxicity and damage induced by cancer drugs or even help with some heart conditions.

This new study showed that green tea contains EGCG, this biologically active component and also a most abundant catechin.

For their research, the study team divided its three months old male mice into three, diet-based groups. One of these was used as a control group, while the other two were put on high-hat and high-fructose diets. One of the groups received just an HFFD (high-fat and high-fructose) diet. The remaining one got the HFFD diet but also received 2 grams of EGCG for every liter or drinking water.

Then, the mice groups were monitored for 16 weeks. According to the study results, the HFFD only group returned a higher final body weight when compared with the control mice. They also had a higher such count when compared to the HFFD + EGCG mice as well.

The study point indicates that EGCG might possibly alleviate the insulin resistance, which is a precursor to type II diabetes. The insulin resistance can be induced by obesity but can also help reduce age-related cognitive decline. An HFFD diet was potentially connected to cognitive impairment, among others, as well.

According to the study team, green tea is the second most consumed beverage after water, at a global level. It is also currently being grown in about 30 countries, according to the team, so taking a closer look at its potential benefits is quite important.

“The ancient habit of drinking green tea may be a more acceptable alternative to medicine when it comes to combatting obesity, insulin resistance, and memory impairment,” stated Xuebo Liu, who was part of the study.

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