The Bold Company Ready For Moon Travel

earth seen from the moon

There is a bold company ready for moon travel, and it’s called Moon Express

There is a bold company ready for moon travel, and it’s called Moon Express. It’s set to revolutionize the way we look at the moon and to give humanity a plan B. Since 1966, just three nations put landers on the moon intact. Today, a small company in Florida has gotten permission to join the ranks of The United States of America, Russia, and China.

The company is going to partner NASA, and the first goal is to put a robot on the moon. Moon Express received the go-ahead to land on the moon in 2017. Bob Richards, CEO, believes the moon will soon be regarded as Earth’s eighth continent.

The expeditions are going to bring a new era in space exploration, and they’re going to count economy wise, as the moon has major resources, valuable on Earth, such as helium-3 and platinum-like materials. Some estimate the value of moon minerals at 16$ quadrillion.

The announcement is a landmark for private companies which work in the space field, because so far, all commercial activities have been within Earth’s orbit.

The Moon Express has gained NASA’s trust by winning the Google Lunar X-Prize, an international contest with a prize of 30 million dollars for the most convincing private company project that can soft-land on the Moon and travel across it.

Moon Express is privately owned and actually aims to mine the moon for extracting precious minerals.  The Government and the Moon Express still don’t see eye to eye on this one and the government also didn’t like the idea of a private company seeing space security satellites in Earth’s orbit.

However, some sort of agreement was reached, and now Moon Express was granted permission to launch the first rocket toward the moon. The MX-1 lander of Moon Express will not „rove” over the surface of the moon. Instead, they will use small rockets and „hop” to locations on the lunar surface.

In the future, the company wants to make serious money by exploiting the lunar resources, like platinum and helium-3, getting water and even creating a sort of moon base for bringing payloads from Earth and back.

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