Malicious Code in DNA Infects Computer

DNA seen with a microscope

It seems like technology and biology are about to become one. At least this is what a team of scientists suggests. They have managed to create a malicious code which was incorporated into a DNA strand. Moreover, they also succeeded in infecting a computer with it. It may sound like something out of a blockbuster sci-fi movie, but it seems it’s as real as it can get. However, the experts are saying that this was only an experiment which, in the future, might become something normal. Still, for now, we shouldn’t worry about it.

Something out of sci-fi movies

This team of scientists from the Washington University wanted to prove that the security infrastructure when it comes to DNA analysis and transcription is not quite efficient. And they did by finding certain holes and breaches in software which laboratories from all over the world use. It’s interesting that the team could have done this by underlying the vulnerabilities in the systems and using normal malware in the process. However, they preferred to take one step into the future and their project became viral in the whole world.

Luiz Ceze, one of the co-authors of this research, said that the world is making huge progress and those two areas, the technological and the biological one, might be close than we think. Also, there is another problem which might interest people. And that has to do with the future possibility that hackers could deliver such a “virus” through blood samples. According to one of the doctors involved in the study, it could be possible, but not very probable. Not everyone knows how to properly extract and use a sequencer to read that malicious strain.

So, there probably won’t be people whose DNA is poison for unsecured computers. Still, what they did is a huge accomplishment. One that’s worthy of any sci-fi movie script.

Image source: pixabay