Google Is Introducing New Cloud Storage Variants

new cloud storage options

Google aims to please as it will introduce new cloud storage variants.

The advances in technology have increased the need for efficient storage, and Google aims to please as it will introduce new cloud storage variants.

With more user, both in the business and in the personal domains feeling the need for more digital storage space as our lives are turning increasingly more digital, Google has thought of introducing the Coldline storage.

Similar to the Amazon Glacier, Google’s Coldline will offer cloud storage for rarely accessed data. Although not many would have considered a cold storage space for the Internet, the giant company will be introducing this and a number of other features in its latest update.

Google will be introducing both new features and new prices as the company will be offering its cloud storage options at lower prices.

The company will be releasing four types of new cloud storage options, each with its own, individual use. Besides the cold storage space, Coldline, the Google cloud will now also house the Regional, Multi-Regional, and Nearline features.

As the name indicates, each service will offer a different type of service and will come at a different price. The Nearline service will be closest in type to the Coldline, as it is meant for data accessed less frequently, no more than once a month.

The Regional and Multi-Regional will store the more and most frequently used data, with the Regional including the frequently used data of a regional area, and the Multi-Regional being the pillar for generally frequented information.

The Internet giant itself has released a schema that illustrates each option’s usage, speed, preferred data, and so on, and has categorized the most probable data stored by the four services.

As the Coldline stored data will probably be accessed only once or even less than that in a year, the price for this service will be of seven cents for a 1GB per month, with an additional five cents for each new Gigabyte.

The price put on the Coldline storage is most probably related to its cold storage purpose, as the entry tax could prove to be a security measurement for the user. The price also places it on equal grounds with the already existing Glacier, Amazon’s variant of the same service.

The Nearline, which will house infrequently used data, but still more commonly used than the Coldline, will come at a cent price per Gigabyte per month.

The commonly-used variants will feature the lowest prices, with the Regional having a $0,02 per GB per month, and the Multi-Regional’s $0,026 per month.

The new cloud storage options will be available for most of Google’s partners and will also bring a reduction in API operation prices.

Image Source: Wikimedia