Climate Change More Dangerous to Animals than We Thought

Gray wolf

Environmental scientists discovered that animals and birds are more threatened by climate change than it had been previously reported

Scientists warned that people underestimate the impact that climate change might have on animal and bird populations. They also blamed international organizations involved in animal conservation programs for not being informed enough on how vulnerable animals actually are. Their outrage was spiced by the discovery that already threatened animal population had been greatly impacted by climate change.

The study was published on Monday in Nature Climate Change Journal. It used as material 130 previous studies that looked at how climate change impacted many populations of birds and animals. Thus, they created the most comprehensive material on the dangers that climate change poses on wildlife.

The results showed that 700 species are badly affected by climate change. What is even more worrying is the fact that only four percent of the bird species and seven percent of the mammal species are regarded as threatened by climate change. The International Union for the Conservation of Species are the ones responsible with updating the Red List of Threatened Species.

All scientists have agreed on the new era that we currently live in. They called it the Anthropocene, where the dominant phenomena are caused by human action. However, climate change went out of control and might have unexpected and irreversible results that might damage wildlife and the environment. The repercussions of climate change are already unfolding and the prospect is not good.

One of the members of the Wildlife Conservation Society, James Watson, is an associate professor of environmental sciences at the University of Queensland and he participated in the study. He stated that many people, including officials and experts, were quite misinformed on the impact of climate change.

He said that they should make new assessments on the possible dangers and inform the population on the results. People should be aware that immediate action should be taken so that we could still stop many species from going extinct.

One problem would be the skepticism with which the administration of President Trump has treated environmental problem. Despite this, the population appears to be aware that there are some dangers and that strong environmental regulations should be enforced before it’s too late. About 59 percent of the population support tougher laws concerning this.

There is still a chance that we might stop threatened animals and birds from going extinct. If we all get together and militate for better legislation on environmental problems, we can help the wildlife and save the environment.
Image Source: Flickr