Newly Discovered Churchill Essay Might Not Be so New

Winston Churchill and Bernard Baruch

Researchers suggest that the newly found manuscript on alien life written by Winston Churchill has been published before

The news of a scientific essay on space travel and alien life written by Winston Churchill and found in 2014 at the National Churchill Museum at Westminster College was quite popular during the last few days. However, new information on the essay suggests that it was not so obscure as it had been thought before.

The chief curator and director of National Churchill Museum, Tim Riley, displayed six pages of the essay on Thursday, in a news conference. This coincided with the publication of an analysis of Churchill’s essay, called “Are We Alone in the Universe”, in the science journal Nature.

Riley claimed that this was the first time when the essay, which had never been published, was the subject of analysis and was displayed to the public. However, other researchers questioned this claim that the essay was unpublished.

These researchers claim that they spotted certain similarities of this essay with a previous one, published under the name “Are There Men on the Moon?” on March 8th, 1942, in an edition of London Sunday Telegraph. The same essay appeared later in the Collected Essays of Winston Churchill.

This 1942 essay was published online at the initiative of the Churchill Project at Hillsdale College in Michigan. The post fashioned a commentary from Richard Langworth. He declared that, unfortunately, the newly found Churchill essay on aliens was not new.

The entire manuscript at the museum is 11 pages long. However, only five of them are displayed. As a comparison, the essay from 1942 lacks the material from the first pages of the manuscript at the museum, so this might have led to the conclusion that it is a newly discovered work of Churchill. These paragraphs discuss the meaning and definition of life before moving to the subject of aliens.

A further comparison of the two materials would only indicate editing differences, but the content is mostly the same. Riley declared that he would perform a detailed comparison of the two works, but he claimed that the analysis on Churchill’s scientific views should not be overshadowed by the question if the work has or has not been published before.

What Riley is trying to suggest is the fact that this is the first time when an essay wrote by Churchill is subject to a meticulous analysis. They aim to avoid its transformation into a sensational story and keep it as scientific as possible.
Image Source: Pixabay