Chronos Has Started Competition against Smartwatch Producers

'Chronos' smartwatch disc"

Chronos’ plastic disc can turn every watch into a smart one.

Smart watches have become the norm, but there are still people who are not willing to give up their classic timepieces, no matter how useful smart technology may be. For them, Chronos has started competition against smartwatch producers by launching one of the most innovative device.

The 2.5-millimeter tall and 33-millimeter wide disc was first introduced to the public on Thursday. The gadget can be applied on the back of all classic watches and instantly turn them into a smart timer.

There are, nevertheless, certain conditions that users have to fulfill first. Namely, they have to install the Chronos app for iOS and Android devices so the disc could become compatible with smartphones. Moreover, Bluetooth connectivity is required for the two systems to stay connected all the time.

Once these two requirements have been fulfilled, the plastic disc will start informing users whenever they have notifications. With the help of the Chronos disc, various notifications for text messages, calls, emails and alarms will be transmitted through LED lights and vibrations. Yet, the user won’t know what type of notification he has received, because the disc won’t display messages on the watch screen as is the case with smartwatches.

There is a second option. Users can differentiate between notifications by selecting certain LED light colors for certain messages. Thus, red lights could be displayed for text messages, green for calls, etc.

Many other functions have been provided on the Chronos disc. The developer is willing to keep up the pace with regular smartwatch producers. Consequently, they have included heart-rate monitors and pulse sensors on the disc to let users check their health condition in real time. The disc keeps track of the kilometers that people walk on a daily basis, as well as the steps they make during a regular fitness routine.

Although Chronos cannot fully replace smartwatches, it is a good alternative for people who want to save money. The device will be available for order in February 2016 with prices ranging from $99 to $129.

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