Childhood Obesity Inherited From Parents

childhood obesity

These findings show that half of childhood obesity cases are determined by the family

Parents might have a higher influence on their children than they believe. Childhood obesity might actually be inherited from parents. A new research focused on the impact obese parents have on their kids. This study was conducted by researchers from the University of Sussex.

The researchers observed that almost 40% of the kid’s BMI is inherited from their parents. This number increased to 60% for obese children. These findings show that half of childhood obesity cases are determined by the family and genetic background.

In order to conduct this research, data from more than 100,000 kids and their parents from China, the UK, the US, Mexico, Spain, and Indonesia was analyzed. Researchers focused on the weight and height of the participants in order to find out their BMI.

The findings showed that a normal kid received 20% of the BMI from its mother and 20% from its father. This shows that both parents have the same effect on their children. This means that when both parents are obese, the chances for their children to be obese are even higher.

The study also showed the parental effect was smaller when the children were thinner. When it came to childhood obesity, the parents had an even bigger effect. Obese children received more than 30% of their BMI from each parent. Thinner children received 10% of the BMI from their father and 10% from their mother.

The researchers mentioned that these findings can apply to any children. This is because they took data from some of the most obese populations (the US) and from the least obese populations (Indonesia and China). The researchers mentioned that this study shows how obesity is transmitted across generations.

The study shows that the pattern of childhood obesity is the same in every country. It does not matter if it is a developing or a developed country. Parents have an important impact on their children’s BMI. This is why people need to lose weight if they are obese. Obese parents risk having obese children as well.

Childhood obesity is very dangerous because it increases the risk of developing health problems like Type 2 diabetes as well as high blood pressure and health problems. The researchers mentioned that they need to make more studies on this topic before they know for sure the impact parents have on childhood obesity.

Image source: Pixabay